The Late-August course will be held at Wellington College, starting on Tuesday 15th August and ending on Monday 21st August.

Enthused by the rapid musical progress achieved by the courses and by the fact that singers return to us again and again, for this course we have decided to book a professional baroque orchestra and sing Bach’s wonderful Magnificat. The lower parts will be sung partly by students on the course and partly by staff, all of whom are singers.

Due to very high demand for this course, the age range is 10 to 15 (those now in school years 5 to 10). There will be special tuition for boys with changing or changed voices who will be taught how to use their new voices without straining them.

We also welcome young organists to this course, and students will be given expert tuition on Wellington College’s wonderful organ, fresh from its extensive refurbishment.  We do require students to have some prior organ experience, and we are not able to accommodate complete beginners.

The extra cost of providing the period instrument ensemble requires that the basic course fee is £760.   However we offer each family a 5% discount for two bookings in the 2017 season, and a 10% discount for three or more bookings.   There will also be a charge for the music scores used on the course, which will become the student’s property to take home afterwards.